The Gallery Wall



In these strange times when galleries are closed and seeing art is difficult I would like to invite you to view any works in my studio on my gallery wall.




Select the works you would like to view and contact me with your selection by email or via the contact form. I will contact you to agree a suitable date and time.





During your viewing the double doors will be kept open. I wear a mask and practice social distancing with hand sanitizer available. 




If you decide to purchase any work, payment can be made by card or direct bank transfer. A purchase form will be completed in the case of a bank transfer and for permission to add you to the mailing list. 

OR TELEPHONE 07515 482406

Why buy Original Art

Visual art has the power to inspire emotion.

Each artist portrays their feelings and thoughts on a substrate that is unique to them. The viewer connects their own vision and relationship with a piece of art. It may be a landscape or a painting full of symbolism that tells a story, or shapes and colours that evoke a feeling of a place or time.

Original art has depth. The colours are displayed as intended by the artist. The painting hangs on the wall showing itself to you completely. The brush strokes and textures are an important part of the work. They add the extra dimension to viewing the piece.


When you hang an original abstract or semi abstract piece of art on your wall it adds another element to the room. It can promote interest with your visitors. Each person sees and feels it in their own way, especially being able to get up close and see the textures and techniques used.