Born in Surrey January 1962.


With my father I worked as a sign painter and commercial artist producing bespoke signs and pictorial art in the traditional way until 2011 when I moved to Wiltshire to paint full time.


Wiltshire, with its open chalk hills and wide valleys covered with hardy grasslands, provided the unique landscape that inspired me. The occasional tree dotted on the horizon accentuates the clean line between the earth and the sky. The feeling of freedom and being on top of the world was my inspiration.


Acrylic paint is my chosen medium usually with a limited palette to keep the paintings fresh. Mark making with large flat brushes giving a painterly and loose feel.


I have been on a journey to abstraction. My paintings have developed from figurative through to semi abstract and total abstraction. Starting with gestural marking then layering the paint, concentrating on balancing tonal value with colour harmony, I create the works until I have achieved a desired outcome.

Artist statement

My work until last year was representational landscape painting mainly concentrating on textures and colours. The focus was to express the feel of the landscape the way it forms itself from the ground, to push that contrast between the land and the sky. The colours would be taken to their limits highlighted by spots of pink and blue in response to the reflections of the sky and other objects against each other. I would enhance the textures in the foreground with impasto to create the feel of the freshly cut straw in the field under foot for example.

I think of my artworks past and present as an unfinished diary of my personal reaction to the landscape around me. Moving gradually from representation to abstraction the shapes and colours I once painted as I saw them are now painted as I feel them.

Marking the canvas with charcoal then layering and evolving the work by carefully placing tints and tones of colour to keep a balance. Finding a sense of movement and space with elements of tranquility. Aiming to remove the recognisable to leave an instinctive feel provoking thought and understanding of a moment, place or emotion.